Interim Pastor:

Bruce Porter


Jack Cain

Keeps order and flow in Advisory Board meetings like a president.


Launie Boruck

Responsible for church records of Advisory Board meetings, memberships, and historical moments.


Ann Gould

Pays bills, disburses money to designated places, and keeps a record of all church money.


Sylvia Torres

In charge of maintenance, security, and general up keep of the church building and grounds.


Tricia March

Oversees and provides spiritual growth of church members.


The Congregation

Brings the Gospel to the community around us through events and service.


Jerry Gould

Provides opportunities for everyone to gather together and share life.


Alan Corzatt

Takes care of all aspects of Sunday’s worship service and oversees the praise team

Youth Pastor:


Oversees the Youth Leaders and the Youth


Rob Warner

Helps people identify their spiritual gift and find church ministries to serve with that gift.

 Non Voting Board Members

 Spiritual Welfare:

Dave Ploegman

Assists the Pastor with spiritual care of the church such as visitations, prayer calls, baptisms, and communion.

Financial Secretary:

Janet Corzatt

Keeps records and distributes reports of all giving to the church.